©Lynn Renee Photography

©Lynn Renee Photography

Davina Alexandra Merritt

Training Consultant



Davina Alexandra Merritt is a fourth generation foster child who overcame tremendous obstacles. Sentenced to death by the foster care system, Davina defied the odds when a hero entered her life. A doctor, who heard about her brain tumor, decided her life was worth saving. He donated his time, skills and expertise to save a little girl who was not only physically sick, but emotionally lost, broken, and felt unwanted. Although the brain surgeries have left her with minor disabilities, she refuses to allow them to define who she is or what she can accomplish.

Davina is currently a national speaker and authored the inspirational book, Fostering Hope for America. This book is co-authored by ten former foster children who have each found their own success story and who share their individual stories in this book.  This book is being given to foster children across America. She facilities several monthly support groups with foster parents, shared parenting, birth parent reunification, transitional living and youth advisory board meetings. Davina currently travels the nation pouring her heart into the lives of foster children across America. She takes child welfare professionals inside the heart and the mind of a traumatized child through her presentations. Her passion is to assist youth and young adults with life skills that can break generational cycles.