Journey To Vitality


After years of developing and creating trainings, workshops, and programs around the Strengthening Families Protective Factors™ and Parent Cafés, Be Strong Families came to the realization that focusing on health and wellness was another way we could help strengthen families and communities.  

In 2016, we began to develop an innovative program that would allow individuals to work on specific wellness goals while helping others. Much like other initiatives we’ve helped to create, the Journey to Vitality program combines empowered engagement and peer-to-peer support systems to help individuals improve their health and well-being.


Project Overview


At the core of Journey to Vitality are the Six Domains of Vitality. These six areas of focus help participants identify and visualize wellness areas they want to improve.

Physical Vitality

The health and well-being of your body 

Mental Vitality

The health and well-being of your mind.

Spiritual Vitality

Feeling completely alive and full of positive energy.

Environmental Vitality

How your surroundings influence your well-being.

Financial Vitality

Having the capacity to meet your needs in the material world.

Social Vitality

Your support system and the joy that friends & family add to your life

Using the six Vitality Domains, Be Strong Families has developed multiple tools to help boost vitality.

Vitality Cafes

Vitality Cafés are peer-to-peer guided discussion groups that use the six Vitality Domains and empowered engagement techniques to help participants come up with strategies to improve their overall holistic health. Vitality Cafés are fun, inspirational, and full of positive energy. They are also an opportunity to shift the conversation about well-being as a foundation for a strong family from the personal and physical to the communal and holistic. 

Journey to Vitality WORKPLACe Wellness Program

We offer a version of this program for human resources departments that helps “work families” improve their overall wellness together. This comprehensive program may include Vitality Cafés, weekly coaching, marketing materials, and other fun activities to help employees start their own Journeys to Vitality as a team. Completely scalable and adaptable, we’ll work with you to optimize your company’s JTV experience to match the work culture you’re trying to foster and the wellness goals your team is trying to achieve.